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Until They Dump It On Your Head!

Maybe by upbringing or by training. I love testing things out before I totally key into it.

Recently, I noticed some waste disposal issues in Lagos State. It got me thinking, so I decided to check or rather test if it’s happening in other part of Lagos that I may not have walked in the past two weeks or more.

So I built up a Facebook post.

“It is understandable that everyday, Lagos is working towards making her a mega city.

But sometimes it feels that some part of Lagos State are not Lagos State.

Two weeks ago, I was walking to the office, and along Muritala Mohammed Way, Yaba, I found out most of the Street Waste Bin were filled up. I couldn’t intimate myself with the sense in this. I did the same for two other days and the situation was same. I decided to take pictures on the fourth day, which I did.

As if someone contacted the authorities, by Friday, as I was walking back home, VisionScape was doing his work – clearing the refuse at every junction.

I admire their informant.

But I had taken similar pictures in my area for more than three weeks and nothing had changed.

Maybe they had no informant in my area or they felt Okokomaiko is not a part of Lagos.

Surprisingly, this refuse had been on the road for weeks and it increases everyday.

According to a street guy, ” Those PSP people didn’t show up again and some Mallams were arrested for “barrowing” dirts around.”

In my two years of returning to Lagos, I’ve seen PSP and VisionScape after LAWMA.

I stand to be corrected, I don’t think these guys are doing their jobs. Maybe Lagos has been divided and Okokomaiko is now Ogun State.

The truth is, I won’t wait until they dump the refuse on my head.”

Stats first, The video got 144 views, 3 shares, 12 comments and 11 reactions.

***** Then the comments rolled in*****









Interesting comments all the way.

Now is the time to work.

But, I have to do some background research before flagging this a project. For now, it’ll appear on my “upcoming project” page.

We’d see if it passes to the “running project” phase.

Till then…


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