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Open Data Contracting Workshop

Open Contracting

Open Contracting

Recently, the Open Data Research Centre of the School of Media and Communication, Pan Atlantic University, organized a workshop for Journalist. The workshop is themed, “Open Contracting for Journalist”. The workshop is supported by Open Contracting Partnership. They also brought in Code for Nigeria, under Code for Africa and Innovation Matters as partners.

Everyday, I look forward to learning new things.

I was in attendance.

There was a free flow of knowledge, I didn’t fail to pen what I could.

This article is not to tell you stories but to share my notes with you, maybe you’ll garner knowledge from it, and also for me to have a backup note.

Happy reading!



Facilitator: Dr. Patrick Enaholo (SMC, Pan Atlantic University)

Open contracting is about People/ Citizens — start the campaign

Open Contracting

Open Contracting

Openness in contracting process in Lagos.

Impact starts with people

Data Reports is different from Data Stories

Open Contracting is phenomenal, people are buying into it…

Seeing with your eyes. (Using data)

Public Contracting/ Procurement

The procurement cycle

The procurement cycle

The importance and why?

A journalist shouldn’t only be negative in their storytelling, you can be positive too in our storytelling!

Social amenities could be an investment in the long run — (case study: Spain.)

How can we address those issues?

Expected benefits and outcomes:

More efficient conduct of tendering

            Contracts awarded to the supplier offering the best value

            Professional procurement cadre

            Reduced opportunities for corruption and malpractices

            Good governance


Workshop Session

Workshop Session


Procurement process: How it works

Exercise and conclusion

Some Key Projects





Forensic DNA Labs in Lagos

DSVRT – Domestic and Response Violence Response Team






Partnership with World Bank – Secondary schools training for teachers etc.

Key Questions

How has the project benefitted citizens of Lagos? What is the purpose and rationale of the project?

How does it compare with other perceived citizens’ needs? Was it captured in the budget? How much was budgeted for it in comparison with other projects of the state?

Was is really necessary? Was it worth the amount spent on it? Could it have been cheaper? Are there previous or similar solutions that may have sufficed?

Was it well executed? Who were the contractors? What is their track record? What is their track record – what other projects have they carried out? How were the timelines for execution?


Facilitator: Mr. Fatai Onafowote – (Lagos State Public Procurement Agency) and Dede Kadiri of Innovation Matters.

Public Procurement Agency started in 2015 (law in 2011.)

Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.

Anybody can actually be a procurement agency — Teachers, Engineers, Journalists, and Doctors etc.

Guild lines and due process for purchasing and supply- at the grassroots level, Chairmen are the accounting officers that actually.

Invoking FOI?

Ambode personal website.

Ministry of Information and Strategy – To get info/ data.

Selective tendering

Restricted tendering

Open/ Competitive Tendering



Use Cases_Open Contracting

Use Cases_Open Contracting

Facilitator: —Seember Nyager

Formerly: PPDC – Public and Private Development Centre.

Now: Public Policy, Google, West Africa.

Making data accessible about public contracting!

>>> Different way to financing


Public Procurement

Credit facilities for World Bank or others

— System of disclosure

— Contract with accessible data


Why do public contracts matter? -Disclosure and Participation

Why does the public procurement/ contracting process matter? -VALUE for our money!

Value for money.

Fairness — Competing for contracts

Detecting fraud and corruption

Accountability, Credibility,

Carrying stakeholders along –Monitoring service delivery

There is opportunity cost even when money is even working!

Nigeria needs open contracting to build public trust

A good example of open contracting is Ukraine | Mexico | Slovakia

The autobiography of Budeshi…see open data sourcing in action

Open Contracting Data Standard

A standard for what to publish and how to publish it as open data.

Focusing on what users need.

A data schema for validation of published data;

Ensuring the technical interoperability of data.

Collected guidance on publishing and using data.

To maintain effective use.

A way back online machine

Questions for Journalists

  1. How do we tell our stories to demonstrate the need for open contracting to the public?
  2. How can our stories contribute to making open contracting the norm?

Data is a part of your story: With or without data, you can still tell your stories.

Aim: Tell stories around contracting!

There are several other ways to tell stories aside newspaper. Sound cloud!


Finding the data — Dede Kadiri, Innovation Matters

NBS/ UK Gov. / State Government Request/ Development partners’ e.g. the UN/ Research Institutions and NGOs.

Published data.

State-owned Household Surveys.

Converting all data to OPEN DATA

Data collection- Data cleaning – Data Analysis – Data Visualization – Data Storytelling

Data Visualization — John Eromosele

Data Wrapper

A story is a journey i.e. Emotional or otherwise? You take your reader.


Munachim Amah — CNN.



Hypnotizing someone!

Making someone immersed in your world.

The Art of Storytelling

What stories do you like to tell?

The stories you love to tell are as important as how you choose to tell the story.

People should read your stories out of interest, not pity.

Why tell stories

Opening for the story! Example:

“I must leave this city today and come to you.”

“Things fall apart after my father…”

“Many years, after Dele faced the firing squad, he reminisced when his father took him to discover ice.”

What makes a good story!

The content – Uniqueness; and how it’s told- Technique.



Write from the heart – the human angle.  – What emotions does the story evoke?

Q&A killer – Writing a passage in the form of questions and answer.

Story cards!

Story Elements


Plot: The flow or sequence of the story!
Intrigue, Suspense, Mystery

Characters: Who is the story about? Explore the first person more! I or You – (News Feature).

News Stories (Simply Third Person!)


Point of View:


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