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When You Fail, Keep Trying!



With the help of an online entrepreneur in 2014, I started my first blog ( I won his online challenge so he assisted me with starting the blog.

The niche was poetry and I had wanted to write and analyze poems. It’s difficult to make money in the poetry niche, I was told. And I believed it.

Unfortunately, I had about 8 poems on it until it failed after the hosting expired. I couldn’t afford another hosting payment.

Almost 8 months after it expiration, I started another, ( This time, the aim was to write and teach people how to properly write articles. Like its predecessor, it failed long before the hosting expired. Just for the same reason.

But better than the first, with about 12 posts, mostly read by families and friends. And one email on the email list, of course, my other email address.

My problem with those blogs was positioning.

Or I had no experience in the areas, I only read online articles and study YouTube videos on blogging.

I had a coach, who distantly guides me after decades of disturbing him, and I respected myself for he was very busy yet he gave me the awesome part of his knowledge.

Thanks to him everyday.

What stood out was that, as much as I was learning, I made money.
Not much for me to throw in my resignation letter but I made money.

One time I did freelance writing and I made almost 150,000 naira in 1 year and five months. I tried stepping up my game so I could get international clients but payoneer never came in, I applied 4 times but all was futile. I will apply again.

Recently, approximately 6 months ago, I started freelance journalism and it has opened doors for me. I’ve made quite some money in less than a year and opportunities are boundless.

I smell success in it. I’m not there yet, but the journey is worth it.

The gist is whenever you fail at something, do not be disappointed, start over.

Keep learning from your mistakes and you’ll hit the jackpot very soon.

How soon? I don’t know. But, soon.

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