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Is It Bad I want a travel job?



There is nothing as such, good or bad.

Everything is good unless proven otherwise. Likewise, everything is bad, unless proven otherwise. In any case, it is typically a perception thing.

Is it bad that I want a travel job?

I’m sure it’s not. Don’t know about you but I’m …

Travelling is basically moving from nowhere to now here. When I move, with ease, my blood flows in comfort. It isn’t necessary you switch between airports. Three steps outside your comfort place is a journey if you see it that way.

Since travelling is a puller into a different perception or mode, you can achieve it by picking up a book or simply look at one thing for long and let your mind do the work.

The spiritual depth of mind journeying makes it one of a kind. In the end, you’ll find yourself wallowing in a peaceful state of mind. And it’ll be difficult to escape that state unless you disconnect from reality.

Worthwhile achievement please note.

Tied to travelling are several advantages as it submerges you into a completely new world. In my last trip to Edo State, I learned some tricks that made me savour a travel job.

In no particular order, here are the few sweet spots.

Travel makes you creative

No one will tell you how- to, immediately you leave your comfort zone, your creative side wakes up.

When packing, I flexed my creative muscle to fit all my needs into my medium sized Tiger Power bag. I dislike flying luggage.

In my 30 days of stay there, I slept in over 7 hotels, and sleeping in Agenebode, Sanbongida Ora and Afuze for barely 2 days- those short stays amplified by prompt packing and unpacking experience.

Deciphering how to socially fit into your new environment is also what creativity does.

Do you think you’re not creative? Take a trip.

Travel makes you smarter

By the time a street thief picks your pocket as you struggle with your small luggage amidst the big ones, you will be conscious of your position.

Such a situation will disrupt your travel plans and make you survive on cereals, but it will never happen to you again.

Unless you’re a dumb ass. If you’re, it won’t happen the seventh time.

Congratulations. You’re smarter now.

Travel builds your exposure

Most times I run away from home. My babe dislikes it but I think it’s best for her.

I foist my shallowness on her if I don’t go out.

Travelling broadens your horizon.

Your brain picture more activities, events and scenarios… With this exposure, you’ve more to talk about.

Let me tell you one.

One Sunday afternoon in Benin, I decided to unleash the street side of me, so my friends (Michael + Dre) and I board a bus to Oluku (Uniben area) to revisit the student lives we had…

There were girls, booze and gists… A story for another article.

The highlight of that day was that I saw a conductor jumped down a bus as it halts, kneeled behind the vehicle’s front tyre and shook his bum dancing to the music his driver’s playing -One corner.

That guy infected many people.

But that how the street roll.

Travel makes you happier

With exposure comes happiness.

Though this depends on your perspective of situations, irrespective, you can get happiness from even sad scenes, if you see it this opposite way.

Negative events = Gratitude

Gratitude = Happiness

Positive events = Happiness

Travelling makes you patience

If you’ve had a flight delay in the past, you’d understand the virtues of patience.

Even if you detest it, you’d be forced into it.

Before I took a flight to Borno the last time, I had gone by road. It was a stressful journey, I wouldn’t ever dare again.

I was rushing to Lagos to catch up with a family event then the bus broke down somewhere in the suburbs of Bauchi.

For more than four hours, we were there in the middle of somewhere. I wasn’t talked into sitting down, I respected myself, built hope, relaxed until I decided to move.

One lesson from that day: I never again lived my life on the run, I lived on the walk…

That slow stroll that opens the journey ahead and let me breathe in my thinking.

My friend, Gbenga said I like travelling job because I’m Ajala.

I love his opinion.

Do you like a travelling job? Let me know?

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