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Ilorin Travel this August

Seriously, when they say, “you never know the value of what you have until you lose it.”
Always. I hiss.

But, it’s true and I’ll correct the err with this August Ilorin travel.

I schooled and lived in Ilorin for almost ten years, and often visit there until last year. Throughout my stay, I seldom step outside the metropolis.

What’s the hindrance, your mind asked?
First, the book was chasing me.
Second, I was chasing money.

For almost 12 months that I’ve visited Ilorin now, it’s seems like forever. My poetic mind reads,

Home sweet home
I’m a player on loan
Like a fleshy bone
My soul yearns for home.

So I want to go back for one week.
And it’s this August. I can breathe in some fresh air.



… Is it my fault?

You might question, where are the fun places to visit in Ilorin?

Lots, I tell you.

And this time, I’m going to take along with me, a German shoe, the type whose sole never dies. I shall journey the abyss of Esie, the crannies of Jebba, the thickness of Molete and the freshness of Asa.

Wait. I’m not done yet.

I won’t miss the cheese in Pategi.
Whet your appetite right?

In this post, I want to share with you, a list of my unconventional life strategies as it’ll relate to this trip’s planning.
Next time you plan a trip, maybe you’d find this useful and consider adopting it.

Shebi you care?

The Destination

Begin with the finish line mindset aka, what’s you travel goal?

It’s a sort of shame kind of, for a travel journalist to visit a city and not tap the crunchy part of it, even if it’s for a glimpse.


I failed earlier but this time, I won’t dull.

My travel goal is to explore the deep cultural heritage of Kwara state, without covering the modern sweetness and of course, see some old folks.

In a wrap, I want to have fun while I look out for what speaks to humanity.

Travel Period

Sometimes, the new environment is so comforting that you forget your home.

You’d want to stay longer.

Remember, more days, more expense!

Estimate and agree, with yourself, your travel period before you hand ✋ your backpack.

Except that my babies always miss me, everywhere is home. As long as I can put my nose to the ground stone, and my mind can never mind the unknown.

Everywhere is home.

My travel period always depends on the places I plan to visit and some extra days should I fall short. It depends on my pocket too.

Plan your cost

It’s difficult to plan cost especially if it’s a country you’re a first timer -where you don’t know the living cost.

On my second trip to Edo State, I barely lived on nothing except santana. I wouldn’t eat until noon, and when I mount the fufu, you’d be scared I won’t walk again. Then, I’d have Suya and Garri for dinner. I was being cost effective.

The workout plan is that I travel with lots of beverage, groundnut and garri -incase the game changed.

Aside from flight or bus fare, hotel expenses and daily meals that you can plan from research, local transport and meals may be difficult to estimate. But, beverage could get your back.

I use Google maps a lot. It saves me cash.

Save some cash

Maybe on another travel but this August one, I’m not gonna save a dime. I’ll just go and make sure I’ve N35,000 ($100). Whatever happens, it’s my home. I’ll survive.

Book a flight

To Ilorin? Hmnn.
Maybe when the flight is to Greece.
If it’s Ilorin, I’ll certainly take a bus since it’s 5.30 hours max.

I’ll use flight the day I plan to miss the hilarious gist in those tight and fold legs buses.

Book accommodation

In Ilorin? Okay.
I have better than an hotel apartment. My aunt lives in the heart 💓 of the city. Just a stone throw from the buzzing ShopRite.

Activity plan

This is important.
Have a time table and make it as detailed as possible. Map out your time and when you’d be at any particular time. This is strictly essential for me as I’m quite sure that if I didn’t, I would most of my time talking Kwara politics and looking at the GRA babes at the gizdodo stand.

Pack and be set

My backpack is local made, I love it because it stretches as you load it, but my Dell Laptop is killing it. I’ve to find a replacement.
For now, it’s still the bomb.

Here’s my packing tips;

2 Jean Trousers
1 Jean short
5 T shirts (2 jojy branded & 2 long sleeves)
1 Sweater
2 Boxer shorts ( wash 1 wear 1)
1 Slippers
1 of my Nike and Reebok footwears

Waist bag

Okay okay.

Since you’ve read to this point. Thanks.

That’s for you alone.

Long story turned short, plan your travels with the who, when, why, how and where format.

Remember, the who is “you.”

Ilorin travel this August, here we go!

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