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Bonin Island, Japan



Sitting still while you journey is a habit I had imbibed from the first day Pico Iyer mentioned it.

And he was right then, and still right to this day.

When I warm my couch, couch surfing aside, I travel miles high in the distance of nothingness. Yet, it enriches me with gratitude and self-acceptance as I return.

I’ve heard of places, here in Nigeria where you only ferry to. I’ve had friends and families worked there, but I’ve never been there.

Bonny Island is one of them. It’s in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Maybe! Maybe I’ll visit someday to experience the busy waters and how it allows humanity to disrupt its peace ☮️. Also, I’d investigate the Adam of the Island from locals.

Bonin Island struck me. It’s in Japan. Reading about it on the Google Arts and Culture App gives me a lot of hope about creation and the creator itself- in and within itself.

It reveals the connection between all and the significance that not all matter actually matters. Little do people realize that they can travel wide without leaving a spot?

Otherwise known as the Ogasawara Islands, the Bonin Islands has over 30 subtropical and tropical Islands.

Of all the Islands, only one or two is inhabited, Chichijima and Hahajima. That’s probably where the Bonin came from, as “bunin” is a Japanese word meaning “no people.”

In between the rocks, deep blue waters and landscape and its topological accessories, the fishes and land creatures of unimaginable sizes, collections of corals and shrubs, I danced with the view of meeting them all in esoteric reality.

Bonin on the list.

And below are the documented horizon I’d love to see…

1. The Pacific Ocean that surrounds
2. The island chain as they link
3. The sea cliffs
4. The pillow lava
5. The moist and dry forests in the lowlands and rocky mountain slopes
6. The undersea volcanoes 🌋
7. The school of whales’ 🐋, dolphins’ 🐬, and sea turtle 🐢…and
8. The tiny views that tie my eyes

Expect my coming Bonin, but before then, take these lines as I long to meet you…

In the heart 💓
that makes more sense to me
Burning 🔥
is the quest to meet Bonin
In it wetness, freshness and opened arms
and to see the character
With which the owner of eternity
has bestowed you…


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