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5 Irresistible ways to Attract Classic Guests to your Lounge

Guest Lounge

Guest Lounge

After a long time, I indulged in Airbnb again.

An old boss, Chairman as he’s called, invited me to a hangout.

He ranged my phone, “which levels na Bobo, Faaji dey o.” So, I joined him.

At the back seat, were two ladies arguing about which lounge we should patronise.

The pink lips lady -Modupe, said, “Let’s see who gets kingged tonight at one lounge.”

The other, Cindy, was particular about Macedonia wine at another. The ladies couldn’t resist visiting their respective lounges.

Turned out that Chairman had his plans. He smiled as he nods to “Soco.”

We arrived at this warm and comfy environment, with coloured lights smiling at the walls to reveal the Cajun nature of the masterpiece.

I don’t usually have fun, but when the claustrophobic me get the chance, I do it the “nusu nusu” way.

You ain’t getting much fun in your favourite space, advice the management.

Here are 4 hacks they should tick.

Organise Open House Events

Lounges can launch open house events with local businesses to create classical love feelings. Lock fingers with a fashion company to host shows like white nights, afro nights, balling cliques and past blast.

Fashion stops + tequila shots is irresistible.

Deep words carry souls, connect with comedians and poets to slam dunk an elite experience.


Classic guests are attracted to top-notch offers. Create an elite membership program blended with hot chicks, matured minds and low-key grooves for your guests. This membership program can spot up Kingers, MVPs and Top Chairs.

If Lounges play smart with this, membership programs would double your profit fast fast.

Capitalise on your Web Presence

Your second front gate should be the web. A detailed web presence attracts the ballers. That whose left thumb rubs the screen of their iPhones.

Take advantage of Facebook love, Instagram crush and ever seen Google places.

Give your guest a virtual tour of your décor, delicacy and wrap it up with a sensational copy.

Leverage Celebrity Voice

Quilox never carries last.

Have some celebrities do a fantasy freestyle with your lounge name in a jingle. Like, “Sleekly bar isn’t far for a star to ride.”

Do you get the gist bah?

Partner with some “street boy” Uber drivers to turn up the jingles on flashy weekend nights.

This is a strategic advert style to get the words into potential clients’ souls.

Ask Experts

The hospitality business is never a one-man know it all sector. If you know about the operations, you can’t be a pro in ideation or sales.

That’s the reason you must ask a team of expert where every individual is a pro in each category.

These will help them create spikes in your guest’s memory?

Are there other trips that thrill you?

Let me know in the comment.


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