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Month: August 2018

5 Irresistible ways to Attract Classic Guests to your Lounge

Guest Lounge

Guest Lounge

After a long time, I indulged in Airbnb again.

An old boss, Chairman as he’s called, invited me to a hangout.

He ranged my phone, “which levels na Bobo, Faaji dey o.” So, I joined him.

At the back seat, were two ladies arguing about which lounge we should patronise.

The pink lips lady -Modupe, said, “Let’s see who gets kingged tonight at one lounge.”

The other, Cindy, was particular about Macedonia wine at another. The ladies couldn’t resist visiting their respective lounges.

Turned out that Chairman had his plans. He smiled as he nods to “Soco.”

We arrived at this warm and comfy environment, with coloured lights smiling at the walls to reveal the Cajun nature of the masterpiece.

I don’t usually have fun, but when the claustrophobic me get the chance, I do it the “nusu nusu” way.

You ain’t getting much fun in your favourite space, advice the management.

Here are 4 hacks they should tick.

Organise Open House Events

Lounges can launch open house events with local businesses to create classical love feelings. Lock fingers with a fashion company to host shows like white nights, afro nights, balling cliques and past blast.

Fashion stops + tequila shots is irresistible.

Deep words carry souls, connect with comedians and poets to slam dunk an elite experience.


Classic guests are attracted to top-notch offers. Create an elite membership program blended with hot chicks, matured minds and low-key grooves for your guests. This membership program can spot up Kingers, MVPs and Top Chairs.

If Lounges play smart with this, membership programs would double your profit fast fast.

Capitalise on your Web Presence

Your second front gate should be the web. A detailed web presence attracts the ballers. That whose left thumb rubs the screen of their iPhones.

Take advantage of Facebook love, Instagram crush and ever seen Google places.

Give your guest a virtual tour of your décor, delicacy and wrap it up with a sensational copy.

Leverage Celebrity Voice

Quilox never carries last.

Have some celebrities do a fantasy freestyle with your lounge name in a jingle. Like, “Sleekly bar isn’t far for a star to ride.”

Do you get the gist bah?

Partner with some “street boy” Uber drivers to turn up the jingles on flashy weekend nights.

This is a strategic advert style to get the words into potential clients’ souls.

Ask Experts

The hospitality business is never a one-man know it all sector. If you know about the operations, you can’t be a pro in ideation or sales.

That’s the reason you must ask a team of expert where every individual is a pro in each category.

These will help them create spikes in your guest’s memory?

Are there other trips that thrill you?

Let me know in the comment.


How to Get Better Sleep During Travel

Originally appeared on Thrive Global

Do you know the #1 thing that makes us exceptionally successful?

Sleep Well

Sleep Well

Sleep. It is called.

Despite it reducing stress and inflammation, it sharpens your memory and boost creativity. This modicum plus a single dose of action are essential ingredients of success -sleep accompanies better action too.

Travelling is novelty. Your mind needs to be sharp for a successful trip.

Writing is fun for me, but it doesn’t come naturally unless I sleep well.

Too bad, I have difficulty sleeping when my mind finds itself away from home, particularly on the first day. Travel stress disarms me.

A trip left me feeling overwhelmed as a result of travel plans, the safety of the destination and the travel experience – solely because I wanted to have a road feel, I travelled 1,548 kilometres.

I lost the feel almost halfway the journey – before Abaji, Abuja.

On getting to Rahama Hotel along Damboa Road, my brain was already saturated, and I could barely think.

I had had a poor sleep all night on transit, I flatted down and didn’t wake until late evening that day. The sleep wasn’t deep but I couldn’t leave the couch.

It’s a “workation.” I needed to be atop my game. I’d be talking to some folks and researching the presence of the state, but my brain was drained – I typically left every experience by.

Almost late, but I was rejuvenated. Else, I wouldn’t remember the taste of the disappearance of Delehi, the coarseness of Brabisco and the sweetness of the rice inclusive Kunu.

Because sleep is necessary when you travel, these four ways will get better sleep on a trip so you don’t miss the “meaty” fun.

Pen down your time

The best way to cull out your sleep time is to break your day by the hour. Write them out.

Allocate your travel goals on an hourly breakdown, and enjoy every in between of places, cuisine, culture and language.

If you switch between towns, depending on the travel time, take a full 8-hour sleep at night or reduce it a little and make up for it with a 1-hour afternoon nap, just don’t doze off on transit unless you feel safe.

By writing my hourly allocation, I successfully identify and block out activities that don’t align with my travel goals -i.e Watching TV. I can do that in Lagos, why Maiduguri?

This also substitutes as my schedule for the period. Before I leave the hotel every day, I know how long I’d stay out, what I’d likely do and when I’d be back in the hotel room.

Great point. Please, don’t be hard on yourself.

You can slot in some out-of-travel activities provided they would be worth the time. I actually sat for an online and got certified right on that hotel couch.

Replace Coffee with Ginseng

For the fragrance, I love coffee. Not for any more reason.

In fact, I just googled “why people take coffee.”

Most mornings, I take a cup of coffee but that’s only when I’m home.

While away, I replace coffee with Ginseng. There are many Ginseng products in Nigeria but I use two – Ginseng root and Ginseng sweet.

I often use the sweet when I’m off home. A pack in my bag keeps fatigue away. It produces a sedative effect that helps me sleep well. And it aids digestion.

After meal each night, I’ll melt two wraps in my mouth. Minutes later, I’d feel a smooth relief.

Food digestion.

Avoid sugary food

I was hanging out with the locals in “Abujan Talakawa.” – Translation: Poor people from Abuja.

Our conversation was informing but the scorching sun was wicked. Disrupting the enlightenment, I went for a bottle of chilled Coca-Cola, I got one at room temperature but finally had two before leaving.

If you need your sleep, avoid the sugary product. If you do, burn up the effect with a slight exercise. Else, your body will pay for it with a huge sleep currency.

Practice mind travel

A wandering mind invites sleeping difficulty. Over-excitement, stress, psychological and biological issues sometimes stray the mind.

A calm mind finds nights of sleep. Almost immediately. It’s natural.

Conscious mind travel helps defeat insomnia.

I’m not a yoga person, but I’m a firm believer of mindfulness.

My go-to strategy for conscious mind travel is,

1. I gradual exhale and inhale

2. I shut my eyes

3. I relax and focus on ONE thing, which is nothing.

This is always the apex of my trip. Each practice fills the void in my life and I return home fulfilled with experience to write about. Rather than foistering shallowness.

The National Sleep Foundation believes it’s important to evaluate your quality of sleep. I think it’s better to understand thy self, so ruminate on Will Durant’s thoughts: “The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is individual, and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints.”

Choose yourself.

How do you manage to get enough sleep when you travel? Tell me!

Is It Bad I want a travel job?



There is nothing as such, good or bad.

Everything is good unless proven otherwise. Likewise, everything is bad, unless proven otherwise. In any case, it is typically a perception thing.

Is it bad that I want a travel job?

I’m sure it’s not. Don’t know about you but I’m …

Travelling is basically moving from nowhere to now here. When I move, with ease, my blood flows in comfort. It isn’t necessary you switch between airports. Three steps outside your comfort place is a journey if you see it that way.

Since travelling is a puller into a different perception or mode, you can achieve it by picking up a book or simply look at one thing for long and let your mind do the work.

The spiritual depth of mind journeying makes it one of a kind. In the end, you’ll find yourself wallowing in a peaceful state of mind. And it’ll be difficult to escape that state unless you disconnect from reality.

Worthwhile achievement please note.

Tied to travelling are several advantages as it submerges you into a completely new world. In my last trip to Edo State, I learned some tricks that made me savour a travel job.

In no particular order, here are the few sweet spots.

Travel makes you creative

No one will tell you how- to, immediately you leave your comfort zone, your creative side wakes up.

When packing, I flexed my creative muscle to fit all my needs into my medium sized Tiger Power bag. I dislike flying luggage.

In my 30 days of stay there, I slept in over 7 hotels, and sleeping in Agenebode, Sanbongida Ora and Afuze for barely 2 days- those short stays amplified by prompt packing and unpacking experience.

Deciphering how to socially fit into your new environment is also what creativity does.

Do you think you’re not creative? Take a trip.

Travel makes you smarter

By the time a street thief picks your pocket as you struggle with your small luggage amidst the big ones, you will be conscious of your position.

Such a situation will disrupt your travel plans and make you survive on cereals, but it will never happen to you again.

Unless you’re a dumb ass. If you’re, it won’t happen the seventh time.

Congratulations. You’re smarter now.

Travel builds your exposure

Most times I run away from home. My babe dislikes it but I think it’s best for her.

I foist my shallowness on her if I don’t go out.

Travelling broadens your horizon.

Your brain picture more activities, events and scenarios… With this exposure, you’ve more to talk about.

Let me tell you one.

One Sunday afternoon in Benin, I decided to unleash the street side of me, so my friends (Michael + Dre) and I board a bus to Oluku (Uniben area) to revisit the student lives we had…

There were girls, booze and gists… A story for another article.

The highlight of that day was that I saw a conductor jumped down a bus as it halts, kneeled behind the vehicle’s front tyre and shook his bum dancing to the music his driver’s playing -One corner.

That guy infected many people.

But that how the street roll.

Travel makes you happier

With exposure comes happiness.

Though this depends on your perspective of situations, irrespective, you can get happiness from even sad scenes, if you see it this opposite way.

Negative events = Gratitude

Gratitude = Happiness

Positive events = Happiness

Travelling makes you patience

If you’ve had a flight delay in the past, you’d understand the virtues of patience.

Even if you detest it, you’d be forced into it.

Before I took a flight to Borno the last time, I had gone by road. It was a stressful journey, I wouldn’t ever dare again.

I was rushing to Lagos to catch up with a family event then the bus broke down somewhere in the suburbs of Bauchi.

For more than four hours, we were there in the middle of somewhere. I wasn’t talked into sitting down, I respected myself, built hope, relaxed until I decided to move.

One lesson from that day: I never again lived my life on the run, I lived on the walk…

That slow stroll that opens the journey ahead and let me breathe in my thinking.

My friend, Gbenga said I like travelling job because I’m Ajala.

I love his opinion.

Do you like a travelling job? Let me know?