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About Me

Sodiq Babalola A. is my name.

Welcome to my website.

Making the world a better place is my aim. I want to create the world we’d love to live in.

Ajala Sodiq

Ajala Sodiq

I was glad about my realization of education, #SDG 4 as a great tool that touches the other goals. Without knowing this at 15, I was a classroom teacher, teaching the primary one pupils in my community.

After my University graduation at 21, despite studying Engineering, I took a teaching task. I totally reminicse the day I escaped a bomb blast in the post office area of Maiduguri, en route Bulumkutu, rushing that afternoon to teach Physics to my students. That incident fostered my deep study of conflict resolution and governance.

After my service year, I dedicated another 5years of my life to classroom. That’s one act I’m extremely proud of.

3 years ago, I continued in a education consulting firm to provide life changing education for people living below $3 per day. My greatest accomplishment here is that I worked immensely to provide that education of the children in Maiduguri, my second home.
My zeal did flame up that I got a special recognition award for my contribution.

Yes, in a very little way, I’m making impact in the world.

Today, I changed my life in the best and first route of changing my mind.

To become the SDGs voice.

I’m never scared to start in this very minute way.

My long term goal is to become a thought leader that is actively involved in the global discussions of the sustainable development goals (SDG).

I’ve laid objectives to help me attain this height and by the book, I’m following them. Everyday, I say good words to myself.

I’m a change maker in my community

Through volunteering and support, I’m contributing to the innovative and life transforming projects that will better shape the world. By doing this, I will develop my skills and knowledge.

It’s a distance journey, but I’m getting there everyday.

In all, this blog doubles as my front office and a platform where I bleed my pains about issues affecting sustainable development goals and how to/ how I’m tackle the challenges.